Washington DC: Places to see and things to do

You might think that in Washington there isn’t really much that you can see and do. This is because this is just another city where you can’t do anything else than shopping. However, this is where most people are making the mistake. There are really a couple of things that you can do and places that you can see. This will prove that there are so many things that you can experience when you are on a holiday in Washington:

The national air and space museum

This is a must-see for those that love planes and spaceships. The national air and space museum is situated in Washington DC. This is not a normal museum that you can find in most cities. The museum is different and really interesting.

Even people that don’t like visiting museums did mention that this is a museum that they will visit anytime again.

Rock Creek Park

It is surprising to know that Washington DC is more than just another city with skyscrapers and lots of traffic and people walking the street.

There is also a special place called Rock Creek Park that you can take a stroll at.  This isn’t just a normal park. This is one of the most beautiful parks that you can find. And, a great place to relax at after a hard week at the office.

Clubs to dance at

If you like the nightlife, clubbing, and dancing, then you would like Washington DC. There are a large number of nightclubs where you can dance at, until the early hours of the morning.

There are the rave clubs and the more relaxed clubs for the older generation. If you are feeling like a night out dancing, then you would love the different clubs that you can choose from.

Enjoy different cuisines

Last, but not the least. Something else that you can experience is different cuisines in Washington DC. Not everyone likes eating the same cuisine night after night. And, when you are staying in Washington DC, you will be able to choose from a variety of cuisines. All cuisines are delicious and you will go back for more.

Washington DC. A great city to be in. Even, if you don’t like city holidays. Not only are there are a couple of great museums, there are also great parks and clubs for those people that are enjoying the nightlife. If you are considering a holiday in this great city, you will have days of adventure and great cuisine to choose from. People are underestimating what Washington DC can offer tourists.