Tips for Traveling with Animal Allergy

Tips for Traveling with Animal Allergy

It is estimated that 53 percent of travelers take their pets on trips. On the other hand, 30 percent of Americans have pet allergies. If you have a cat or dog allergy, your body’s immune system reacts to proteins in the pets’ urine, saliva or dander. Animal allergies may sound trivial but can be both mild and fatal depending on the victim. It is important to know how to minimize the symptoms to have an enjoyable flight.

Do Not Underestimate the Threat

If you are on a flight, do not take chances with allergies as medical emergencies in the skies are the last thing you need. Plan your trip with your doctor to get the necessary advice to ensure that you get comfortable flights.

Wipe Down Things in Your Space

Consult with the flight attendant to get you a pre-entry. Get to your seat and wipe down the whole area including the armrest, tray table and fabric seats using a wet wipe.

Position Yourself Away from Pets

When booking your ticket, ask the representative to reserve you a seat that’s not near passengers with pets. Although symptoms may not be avoided totally, the severity of the allergy will be minimized.

Place Your Medication strategically

For easy access, place your medication under the seat in front of you. That way, you can just stretch your arm and access it at all times. 

Wear a Scarf and Sunglasses

These will serve to add a level of proofing against allergens. 

Avoid the Provided Pillows and Blankets

You can’t count on cleanliness in airplanes as the blankets and pillows they provide may have been used by passengers with pets. This can trigger severe allergic attacks and therefore, bring your blankets.

Get Allergy Shots before the Trip

If you have a severe allergy to pets, it is wise to get allergy shots in advance. This will give you a level of protection and peace of mind.

If you have an animal allergy, you may be hesitant to travel, especially if you don’t know how to protect yourself. Follow these tips to make your next trip more comfortable by reducing symptoms when traveling with animal allergy.

Tips for Traveling with COPD

Tips for Traveling with COPD

Being diagnosed with chronic lung disease should not hinder you from traveling. COPD sufferers can still go on vacations, visit family and friends, and even see the world. However, you need to plan in advance to make your trip safe, successful and fun if you suffer from COPD. Here are useful travel tips for COPD sufferers.

Talk to Your Doctor

Share your travel plans with your health care provider. The doctor will tell you whether you should travel or not. The doctor will also advise you accordingly depending on the period for which you intend to be away. Additionally, talk to your doctor about the climate and weather of your travel destination. This will help them to determine the effect your trip can have on your health.

Carry Medical Papers

Carry medical papers alongside your travel documents. Ensure that the documents are easy to access at any time during the trip. The papers should include details of your medication. Travelers with OCPD and already on oxygen should include its prescription too. If possible, carry your doctor’s letter. This letter should outline your condition briefly.

Carry Contact Information

Have a list of the people that can be contacted in the event of an emergency. This includes the phone number of your doctor and family contact. Also include details of the cruise line, airline or the train you use to travel.

Get a Doctor at Your Travel Destination

Get a doctor that you can contact at your travel destination or a hospital. This information will be important because you might need medical help at your travel destination.

Refill Medicine

It’s important that you carry medication that will last through the entire trip. Keep the medicines in a carry-on bag when flying. Additionally, label or medicine or carry it in original containers.

Buy Health Insurance

Remember that you might be having a policy that does not cover you while away from your country or state. In that case, consider buying a temporary policy. You can ask your travel agent to recommend the policy to purchase.

In addition to these tips for traveling with COPD, it’s important to get a travel partner. This can be a friend or a spouse. Make sure that your partner knows about your condition, medicines, and what to do in case you need urgent assistance.

How Travel Helps You Grow

How Travel Helps You Grow

To some people, traveling is just a way to make merry and take a short break from the day-to-day hustles and bustles. However, traveling is a life changing experience with numerous rewards that can truly help you with self growth. Savvy travelers often come back home with renewed perspectives to life, a deeper understanding of the world and sense of appreciation. The following are the main ways in which travel helps you develop.

Improves Resourcefulness

Traveling entails a lot that requires you to be creative and forward-thinking to enjoy the experience. Apart from choosing a destination and things to do, you will also need to create a proper plan, secure finances among other basics for travel. Upon reaching your destination, you will still have to adapt to the new environment and culture. The ability to overcome all these challenges will incredibly enhance your resourcefulness.

Teaches You to Be Patient

When traveling, you will likely experience delays in flights and trains. Sometimes, they might even fail and you are forced to find an alternative means of transport or wait. Even during tours, you might have to stand in long queues just to get into a museum or any other attraction. When using public transport in some countries, the conditions are even much worse. All these experiences will test your limits but, in the end, you will understand the importance of patience.

Interact with New People

You can never travel and fail to meet new faces. Even if you are anti-social, traveling creates an environment where you can easily interact with whomever you choose. Whether it occurs on the flight, train, bus, hotel, at the bar or along the streets, there is always something new to learn from strangers. Even if you do not talk to them, just watching people in other cultures go about their businesses offers many lessons that can help you shape your life.

Similar to other elements of self development, consistency is critical if you want to enhance your life through travelling. But, you do not have to travel the entire world to grow; even touring close to home can help you make better life changes.


Why Tourists Travel

The reasons why tourists travel usually vary from an individual to another. However, there are common reasons for travel that apply to almost all tourists. Below are some of the main reasons why most tourists travel.

To Visit Friends and Families in Far Flung Areas

Today, keeping in touch with family and friends in different parts of the world is easy due to the accessibility to communication devices and platforms like cell phones and the internet. But, that is not usually enough. So, many people find it much better to simply get on a flight and pay them a visit.


Most tourists also travel to find employment or experience what it is like to work in different parts of the world. Those who are not satisfied in their current jobs at home usually travel overseas to find greener pastures. Today, there are several jobs that tourists can do to make money while also traveling the world like teaching English.

To Find Love

It is not uncommon to hear stories of people who found love when traveling. After struggling to find love in their home countries to no avail, some tourists opt to go searching in other parts of the world. Traveling enables you to meet different kinds of people from where it can be easier to find someone that truly fits your profile.

To Learn New Things

There are many lessons that can be learnt from traveling and, many tourists can attest to this. By visiting different places, you are able to learn about new cultures, activities as well as skills to broaden your worldview.

To Relax and Have Fun

Perhaps, this is the main reason why most tourists travel. When traveling, you will be able to break away from your normal schedule, which provides a sense of relief. Besides, traveling also introduces you to new fun activities to indulge in.

Considering the reasons why tourists travel above, there is no doubt it is a worthwhile experience that you should consider undertaking at least once a year.


How to Avoid Crowds and Lines when Traveling

Nothing ruins a great sightseeing experience than waiting in a line to see a great sight. The experience is worse when you are crammed in a room with few uncomfortable seats. However, you can avoid this if you plan ahead. To avoid disappointments, follow these tips to plan your trip in advance.

Time Your Trip

Timing is very important when it comes to traveling. In most cities, sights are closed on certain days of the week. These can be on Tuesdays, Sundays or Mondays. During high seasons, sights that are opened when others are crowded are bound to be crowded. For instance, Versailles tends to be crowded most Tuesdays because major Paris Museums are closed on this day. Each museum has a free day every month. This day is not a good day to visit because most locals frequent the venue this day.

Basically, take time to conduct a research of the sight that you want to visit. Time your visit carefully to avoid days when the sight that you want to visit is likely to be crowded.


There is a shortcut or strategy that will help you break from the herd even at attractions that are highly packed. This can be a side entrance that has shorter wait or a guided tour with last-minute reservation. It can also be a pass that comes with line-skipping privileges or a great place to pick your ticket. It is important that you consider such shortcuts when planning your sightseeing trip to avoid crowds and lines when you travel.


Some sights are jammed most of the times throughout the year. However, you can buy advance tickets to ensure guaranteed admission on some days of the week. In fact, you can book reservation in advance in most museums via mobile ticketing. That means you can purchase tickets online then send them to your device to eliminate the need for printing paper tickets. Considering how precious your travel time is, it’s important that you book reservations for your must-see sights. This will help you avoid lines and crowds during your trip.


Combo-tickets offer combined admission for several travelers that want to visit a sight. But in most cases, you need to pay to see multiple attractions to get combo-tickets. Nevertheless, these tickets enable you to bypass lines at congested sights. Thus, you don’t wait to see your desired sights when you get these tickets.

Basically, whether you get combo-tickets or time your travel, there is a chance of skipping the line or avoid crowds. Simply take time to plan in advance to avoid crowds and lines when you travel.

Encountering Racism when Traveling

When traveling abroad, you might worry about the treat to expect at your travel destination. In short, you may wonder whether looking different matters when you travel abroad. Generally, you can encounter racism anywhere you travel in the world. Here are tips for encountering racism when traveling.

Understand that Stereotypes Exist

Everywhere you go, you will realize that people have stereotypes about your community. Americans for instance are noticed by Europeans miles away. That’s because Americans have a culture that is pervasive worldwide. Stereotypes that people have about Americans are informed by their popular culture. Musicians, athletes, and actors for instance, influence how people perceive Americans.

People Will Stare at You

Mixed-race couples and color travelers experience discomfort when people stare at them. Although this may indicate disapproval, it can be a combination of impoliteness and curiosity. In simple terms, they are not used to seeing a traveler like you. The response of locals to people of color will most likely not be hostility but naivety.

Accept Opinions

In most places, you will meet blunt and opinionated people. However, you may realize that what Europeans for instance consider polite conversation may shockingly be different from what you perceive it based on your unwritten rules. For instance, you may be uncomfortable about race discussions while people in your destination don’t see anything wrong about them. Such discussions can be jarring and hurtful to some travelers but others find them weirdly refreshing.

Be Prepared for Racial Profiling

Some color travelers find racial profiling frustrating especially when it happens at the airport security or border crossing. This is a socially acceptable way of targeting the undocumented immigrants in some places. If you are traveling to European countries, you are likely to be scrutinized closely than most European ancestry travelers before you are allowed entry. Be prepared for it.

Be Ready for Unfriendliness

You will definitely encounter unfriendliness when you travel. Some of this unfriendliness will stem from racism. However, avoid blaming racism for grumpiness.

Regardless of your ethnicity or race, it’s important to have a positive attitude when traveling. Travel to a different destination when you feel mistreated or uncomfortable. Always remember that other people want to learn about you just like you want to learn about them.

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