Encountering Racism when Traveling

When traveling abroad, you might worry about the treat to expect at your travel destination. In short, you may wonder whether looking different matters when you travel abroad. Generally, you can encounter racism anywhere you travel in the world. Here are tips for encountering racism when traveling.

Understand that Stereotypes Exist

Everywhere you go, you will realize that people have stereotypes about your community. Americans for instance are noticed by Europeans miles away. That’s because Americans have a culture that is pervasive worldwide. Stereotypes that people have about Americans are informed by their popular culture. Musicians, athletes, and actors for instance, influence how people perceive Americans.

People Will Stare at You

Mixed-race couples and color travelers experience discomfort when people stare at them. Although this may indicate disapproval, it can be a combination of impoliteness and curiosity. In simple terms, they are not used to seeing a traveler like you. The response of locals to people of color will most likely not be hostility but naivety.

Accept Opinions

In most places, you will meet blunt and opinionated people. However, you may realize that what Europeans for instance consider polite conversation may shockingly be different from what you perceive it based on your unwritten rules. For instance, you may be uncomfortable about race discussions while people in your destination don’t see anything wrong about them. Such discussions can be jarring and hurtful to some travelers but others find them weirdly refreshing.

Be Prepared for Racial Profiling

Some color travelers find racial profiling frustrating especially when it happens at the airport security or border crossing. This is a socially acceptable way of targeting the undocumented immigrants in some places. If you are traveling to European countries, you are likely to be scrutinized closely than most European ancestry travelers before you are allowed entry. Be prepared for it.

Be Ready for Unfriendliness

You will definitely encounter unfriendliness when you travel. Some of this unfriendliness will stem from racism. However, avoid blaming racism for grumpiness.

Regardless of your ethnicity or race, it’s important to have a positive attitude when traveling. Travel to a different destination when you feel mistreated or uncomfortable. Always remember that other people want to learn about you just like you want to learn about them.

Advantages and Benefits Travelling Alone

When you travel, you get chance to expand your horizon and explore the world. Solo travel can be rewarding as it allows you enough time to explore and enjoy your experience fully, but according to a friend of mine, he lived by that quote before he became a family man. He now explores those adventures with his wife and kids, but feel free to check him out at his website www.glassdawg.net and ask him about his solo travel tips below in more detail.

Here are the major advantages and benefits of travelling alone:

Full Control

When travelling alone you, you enjoy the freedom to choose your destination and have control over the trip. Making decision is easy because there is no second party to consult or involve in decision making. Thus, travelling alone is more comfortable and stress-free because there is nobody to bother you.

It’s Cheap

It’s quite expensive when travelling with family or friends. Essentially, you have to budget for meals, transport, and accommodation for multiple people. Travelling solo is cheap because you budget for one person. You also decide when and where to eat as well as where to sleep extra. Additionally, travelling alone helps cut down on accommodation expenses because you book your room only.

It’s Easy to Socialize and Get Friends

Solo travel enables you to meet and interact with locals and make new friends. Additionally, approaching locals as a solo traveler is easy than doing so as a team.

Enough Time to Reflect

Travelling solo gives you enough time to look deeper into yourself. You get a chance to think without disruption or disturbance. In a normal world people get trapped in day to day routines that deny them time to analyze themselves. Solo travel allows you time to take care of your psychic state. It also gives you a chance to broaden your mind and explore.

You Become Responsible and Independent

When traveling with family or friends, you rely on each other. But, when you travel alone you are fully independent. You become responsible for finding solutions to emerging problems. That way, you become confident and experienced.

It’s Healthy

Travelling alone boosts your health because it gives you a break from daily routine and stresses. This is beneficial for your mind. It helps your mind relax and recharge. After the trip, you come back feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and happy.

If you’ve been wondering whether you should travel alone, consider doing it for these benefits and advantages.


Useful Tips for LGBTI Travelers

When traveling abroad, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersexual people face unique obstacles. Attitudes and laws in some travel destinations affect the ease of traveling for such people and their safety. Travel destinations have varying legal protections for LGBTI. What’s more, same-sex marriage is not legally recognized in most countries. In fact, consensual same-sex relations are considered a crime in over 70 countries. In some cases, people that engage in same-sex relations can face severe punishment.

Research Your Travel Destination

It’s important that you review information about your travel destination. Learn more about the perceptions, attitudes, and laws that relate to LGBTI travelers in your destination. Some countries have HIV/AIDS restrictions for LGBTI travelers when it comes to their entry, exit, and visa requirements. Therefore, take time to learn about your travel destination and plan or prepare accordingly.


Some LGBTI travelers have challenges when it comes to entering some countries using passports that bear photos and names that do not correspond to their current gender presentation. Therefore, conduct some research in advance and take appropriate action. For instance, know how you can change your name or update your gender designation on a passport. Also know how you can amend or replace your consular birth report abroad to suit your gender.

Carry Important Documents

Carry copies of crucial documents when traveling. This is particularly important when you travel to a country whose legal rights are different from those of your country. If you have a health condition, carry health and legal documents. Also carry custody documents if you are being accompanied by a minor. Additionally, have contact information like the phone number or address of your country’s embassy or consulate.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will cover different emergencies depending on your chosen plan. For instance, this insurance can cover you in case you need medical evacuation. There are also insurance companies that provide products that are specifically designed for LGBTI travelers.

Finally, carry everything that will make your trip amazing and go out there to explore and have fun! Check out my favorite site to do my travel plans and keep it nice and tidy by clicking here.


Washington DC: Places to see and things to do

You might think that in Washington there isn’t really much that you can see and do. This is because this is just another city where you can’t do anything else than shopping. However, this is where most people are making the mistake. There are really a couple of things that you can do and places that you can see. This will prove that there are so many things that you can experience when you are on a holiday in Washington:

The national air and space museum

This is a must-see for those that love planes and spaceships. The national air and space museum is situated in Washington DC. This is not a normal museum that you can find in most cities. The museum is different and really interesting.

Even people that don’t like visiting museums did mention that this is a museum that they will visit anytime again.

Rock Creek Park

It is surprising to know that Washington DC is more than just another city with skyscrapers and lots of traffic and people walking the street.

There is also a special place called Rock Creek Park that you can take a stroll at.  This isn’t just a normal park. This is one of the most beautiful parks that you can find. And, a great place to relax at after a hard week at the office.

Clubs to dance at

If you like the nightlife, clubbing, and dancing, then you would like Washington DC. There are a large number of nightclubs where you can dance at, until the early hours of the morning.

There are the rave clubs and the more relaxed clubs for the older generation. If you are feeling like a night out dancing, then you would love the different clubs that you can choose from.

Enjoy different cuisines

Last, but not the least. Something else that you can experience is different cuisines in Washington DC. Not everyone likes eating the same cuisine night after night. And, when you are staying in Washington DC, you will be able to choose from a variety of cuisines. All cuisines are delicious and you will go back for more.

Washington DC. A great city to be in. Even, if you don’t like city holidays. Not only are there are a couple of great museums, there are also great parks and clubs for those people that are enjoying the nightlife. If you are considering a holiday in this great city, you will have days of adventure and great cuisine to choose from. People are underestimating what Washington DC can offer tourists.

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