How to Avoid Crowds and Lines when Traveling

Nothing ruins a great sightseeing experience than waiting in a line to see a great sight. The experience is worse when you are crammed in a room with few uncomfortable seats. However, you can avoid this if you plan ahead. To avoid disappointments, follow these tips to plan your trip in advance.

Time Your Trip

Timing is very important when it comes to traveling. In most cities, sights are closed on certain days of the week. These can be on Tuesdays, Sundays or Mondays. During high seasons, sights that are opened when others are crowded are bound to be crowded. For instance, Versailles tends to be crowded most Tuesdays because major Paris Museums are closed on this day. Each museum has a free day every month. This day is not a good day to visit because most locals frequent the venue this day.

Basically, take time to conduct a research of the sight that you want to visit. Time your visit carefully to avoid days when the sight that you want to visit is likely to be crowded.


There is a shortcut or strategy that will help you break from the herd even at attractions that are highly packed. This can be a side entrance that has shorter wait or a guided tour with last-minute reservation. It can also be a pass that comes with line-skipping privileges or a great place to pick your ticket. It is important that you consider such shortcuts when planning your sightseeing trip to avoid crowds and lines when you travel.


Some sights are jammed most of the times throughout the year. However, you can buy advance tickets to ensure guaranteed admission on some days of the week. In fact, you can book reservation in advance in most museums via mobile ticketing. That means you can purchase tickets online then send them to your device to eliminate the need for printing paper tickets. Considering how precious your travel time is, it’s important that you book reservations for your must-see sights. This will help you avoid lines and crowds during your trip.


Combo-tickets offer combined admission for several travelers that want to visit a sight. But in most cases, you need to pay to see multiple attractions to get combo-tickets. Nevertheless, these tickets enable you to bypass lines at congested sights. Thus, you don’t wait to see your desired sights when you get these tickets.

Basically, whether you get combo-tickets or time your travel, there is a chance of skipping the line or avoid crowds. Simply take time to plan in advance to avoid crowds and lines when you travel.